Bonsai With a Different Twist

by Chuck Iker,Iker Bonsai Pots

Ed Bratton contacted me a few weeks back and said he’d like to share some pictures of his trees in my pots. I was delighted to receive the photos but was a little taken back by Ed’s special art and talent. I opened the files on my iPad but had to go in to the studio and get them up on the computer to get a good look. I was and still am blown away by his work. Ed tells me he’s been at this for over 5 years. He sells through a few galleries and does some art show. I immediately did a google on Ed and found his Facebook page and a listing from one of his galleries. I highly recommend you go to his Facebook page to get a good look at some of his other art. His wall hangings are simply amazing. I am honored to have his art in my pots.

Ed’s studio name is Moss Ridge Designs. He hails from Arkansas.

His Facebook page is

His website is: