Customer Reviews and Comments


I throughly enjoy the pots that just arrived.
Best wishes
 Brian L. California 
Just wanted to say that I love the bonsai pots and I thought I'd attach a picture.
They were packed exceptionally and they really are beautiful.
 Thanks again,
 J Collins, San Diego, California

My pots were on the porch this afternoon.  Wow, that was quick.  Love them and am anxious to get them paired up. Thanks again.

Sandra W. Los Angeles

I just received the 4 pots I ordered from you a few days ago.  They arrived in perfect condition
and I love them.  You do great work and my Shohin Tees always look great in them.  I am President
of our Bonsai Assoc. and every time I get new pots from you I take them to 
our regular meeting and show your work to my members.
Thanks again for great products.
Bill E., Iowa
Mr. Iker,
My order arrived today, in perfect condition. The pots are, without exception, exquisite.
Thank you for the speedy delivery. I could not be more pleased.
Come spring, I have a scarlet-blooming weigela cascade, with a descending limb that is about 22" long. I think it will call for something not necessarily huge on top, but deep-ish. If perchance' you happen to be inspired to make something that might be a fit, or might want to make something to that purpose, I'd love to have a conversation about it.
I have a pal on the bonsainut forum, in Illinois, named Carol. She told me about your work, and gave you the strongest possible recommendation. She was right.
Rick W., Milwaukee, Wisconsin 
Hello Chuck,
The pots I ordered from you arrived safely today. They are absolutely wonderful, I am very happy about this order, and will certainly make another order soon.
Thank you so much,
Anne-Christine B., Canada
Received my bonsai scoop last week, and like all of the other Iker bonsai pots I have purchased from you, I am, once again, very pleased!!  The craftsmanship is, as always, top notch !  The pot sits perfect on a flat surface without any wobble or weeble , no matter how you arrange the weight of the soil/rocks. Repotted my Fukien Tea from generic to the Iker scoop, and let me tell you, it got one of those big WOW's from my wife !!!  Thought you might enjoy seeing a photo of the finished product.  Chuck, once again, great packaging, fast shipping, and variety of pots to choose from.  Always a pleasure doing business with you !

Thanks again,
Frank A.  Wilmington, DE.
Mr Iker,
I am fairly new to Bonsai.  I just received my pot order this morning and am so happy with the pots. Now I can see the difference between cheap and handmade pots.  Wasn't sure I was getting that before.  These are much more substantial than the lightweight pots I ordered off ebay.  I also appreciate your advice on sizing. 
Thanks again,
Samantha G. Colorado Springs  
Received my (6) pots last week. Very fast shipping, the best packaging ever, and as always the craftsmanship is excellent. The photos are great, but nothing beats actually holding the pot in your hand, and admiring the design, beauty, and feeling that went into each pot. In my minds eye, I had the vision of which bonsai was going to go into each pot. Let me say this; the pots are eye catching, but when you pair it up with the selected bonsai, the combination becomes a work of art, each complimenting the other. Like putting just the right frame around a photo, or painting. I really get some big "WOW's" from family, and friends ! They all pick their favorite. I think since last summer I purchased approx. a dozen Iker pots. As soon as we get some continuous good weather so that I can finish landscaping the bonsai, I will send you some photos. Chuck, thanks for keeping a great selection of pots in stock. IMO, its hard to beat the selection, and competitive pricing that Iker Bonsai Pots has to offer. Thanks again Chuck, not only for the quality, but also for the service you offer the customer.
A very satisfied, and return customer !
Frank A. Wilmington, DE
Chuck, received my pot today (5" primitive square) and am quite pleased. Looks better in person than on the site. I'm a true novice to bonsai and hope my tree does that pot some justice. Looking forward to dealing with you again in the future. Thanks!
Jim B., Ohio
Received my pots on Monday. Again I was very pleased with the beautiful well made pots! As usual the packaging was the best !! Could have been air dropped without any breakage !! Over the past year I surfed many, many bonsai pot sites. IMO, Iker's is the best site I have found. Excellent photos of top quality pots showing many positions with easy enlargement, excellent choice of sizes, designs, unglazed/glazed, primitive, and best of all very competitive pricing. If you are in the market for bonsai pots, and you come across Iker's Bonsai Pottery, look no further. This is the place you will find your pot, and if you don't see it, just ask, and Chuck I'm sure will be more than willing too help you.  
Thanks again Chuck. Can't say enough about your product, and service.
A very satisfied, and return customer,
Frank A., Wilmington, DE
My order arrived today and I was very impressed with your workmanship.  You are a skilled potter.  I've been taking classes for over a year now and realize how much technique is in these pots.  Hope to get there someday myself, till then I'll use your pots as inspiration!
Thanks! My husband loved it. 
Vanessa P., Marathon Key, Florida
Hi Chuck,
I got the pot today and it is fantastic. Thanks for the great pot and the great service. I will probably be contacting you again before long to see about more pots.
Thanks, Jim L. Wyoming

Had a wonderful surprise on Christmas morning!! Received (7) Iker bonsai pots from my family and friends !! I believe my wife ordered them for the ones who gave. I have been growing bonsai for many years, and have been using "generic" type pots from our local nursery who has a small bonsai section. After my first purchase from you last summer, I decided to start repotting my bonsai into beautiful, artistic, and original bonsai pots, so I asked that to be one of my gifts. What a lucky guy I am !! The pots are top notch, and will be a great improvement in the presentation of the bonsai trees. It will take some work, but when they are complete, I will send you some pics. Keep up the excellent work.

A very satisfied customer !!

Frank, Deleware


I received my order yesterday, Couldn't be happier.  Can't wait until Spring to get busy potting these up.  Thanks again!

Ralph, Los Angeles, CA 


Hey Chuck , Order arrived perfectly as usual.  Great packing job.  Love the pots!

Malique, Arizona

Wanted to let you know that I received my order and am very impressed with the pots and the care you take on the details.  I take pottery classes and took your pot in to share with the class.  My instructor used your pot as an example of working on the small details and the skill you possess for trimming the bottom of the pot.  She was very impressed and I can't wait to get the pots planted.  Thanks!!

Carol, B,  Maine

Hi Chuck,  Just letting you know I've received my pots last week some time. I was expecting good quality but what I received was just excellent, much more than I anticipated. Very glad with the purchase. Will definitely buy again at a later stage. Thanks again.
Sam A., Australia


Received my pot. Beautiful workmanship, remarkable glaze. Couldn't be more pleased. And yes, you may quote me on that!

Brad D. Buffalo, NY


Dropping you a note that my pots arrived yesterday.  Very nice finish and detail.  Will get lots of enjoyment from these.  

Pam, D. Palm Springs, AZ


Just got the Privets repotted in the new pots I got from you on Friday.  They are just perfect.  Thanks again, Chuck.  I appreciate you working with me to get what I wanted.  Didn't think I'd ever get the color and shape I was after.  As Arnold says... I'll be back !

Steven, Arizona


Just writing to tell you that I really like the pot, it's beautiful. Thanks again




Just wanted to let you know that I received these pots just in time for Christmas and my husband loves them! They are really beautiful! - Merry Christmas and best wishes for the New Year.

Denise F. New York


I received my pots on Friday past and just got them planted up.  I've attached some pictures.  They were wrapped well for the long journey.  I'll be ordering again soon.  Thanks!

Peter C., Australia


Hi Chuck -- Received the pot you made for me on Saturday, December 19th -- It is Beautiful!  I am so pleased with it -- Thank you so much -- I am looking forward to planting and displaying it in my garden -- Thank you again for your wonderful work and a very Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Don C., California


Hello, I just received my order. The pot looks even better in person. It was incredibly well packaged and came in good time. I can't wait till I can use it! Thank you, I will definitely be ordering more from you in the future!

Brian R.  Canada


Hi Chuck, thanks for following up. The pots arrived in excellent condition. You packaged the pots extremely well so there was no chance of breakage. I wanted to tell you how impressed I am with the quality and craftsmanship of the pots. Your work is exceptional and I am so pleased to have your pots in my nursery.

Doug, Louisiana


The pot came in today. Great condition and the pot looks like it will work nicely. Thank you for your speedy shipment and response. 

Brian, Kentucky

My husband was totally impressed with the pots and thanks again for getting these out for me as quick as you did.  Guess I know where I'll be shopping next birthday.  Thanks again, Chuck

Samantha C. Utah

Received my pots yesterday! Wow they look excellent and will work perfect for my bonsai trees. I will be a returning customer to your website! Thanks again 
Blake F., Michigan
Pot showed up yesterday. Thank you for your quality work. I'm very happy with the way this tree is coming together in this pot.  Few more years and it should be really great. Thanks again.  Best,


Adam C.  South Carolina
My order arrived last week and I am so pleased.  I really appreciate your work on the finish and details.  I am anxious to get these planted.  Thanks again, Chuck. 
Tracy M. Oregon



Chuck, Order arrived on time.  Not sure I won't keep the unglazed pot for myself!  Appreciate the quick shipping.  

Bobby, Alabama


Mr Iker,

I am so happy with the pot you made me.  It goes perfectly with the Plum we made it for. Sorry to be so particular with it and I really appreciate your efforts to give me what I wanted.  My club was impressed with the pot and I'm sure you will be getting more orders from them.  

Wei, Texas


I received two beautiful Bonsai Pots for Christmas.   Couldn't wait to see you website and see what else you offer.  Awesome! Not sure how I've missed your site but I love the two I received and will be placing orders for a few more I can't resists.  Thank you!!

Lucy, Washington 


Arrived perfect again!
These are excellent!
Have a happy holiday season! Thanks,

Mike, Indiana


Dear Chuck

Received the pot yesterday, what a beauty ! That primitive finish you gave it is wonderful. A lot of “sabi” you put into it indeed ! I’m eager to plant in it the tree it was intended for (Conocarpus Erecta). The (very well protected) package made its way to Martinique through Miami (where it arrived as soon as oct. 16th) in turn to Paris on oct. 27th (due to French transport routes…) I encourage you to keep on with that primitive finish of yours !




My order arrived this afternoon. Really nice pots. I have couple of Tropicals I'll repot not and the rest will have to wait till spring.  Thanks again, excellent packaging.  Not a scratch! You will be hearing from me again!

Tracy, Michigan


I received the pot today. It is beautiful. The inside bottom is correct for drainage which isn't always easy to find.

All I can say is excellent workman ship. Also your delivery time is great. 

Alden, North Carolina


Thanks so mush for the custom pot you made for me.  It's a perfect size and the colors will go well with my trident maple.  Will send some pictures when I get it potted.  Thanks again.  

Bob, California


I just received my first order and I love the pots.  Even better than the pictures! I have taken some pottery classes and I can appreciate the detail you put in to your work.  Beautiful.

Dawn, Oregon


Hey Chuck, Got my pots today. Beautiful. Thank you!

 Mike M, Illinois


I received my order today. Pots were packed very well and received in perfect condition. I would just like to thank you the pots a beautiful, even nicer than shown on your website. The pots should be perfect for trees that are going in them.
Thank You Very Much
Tom M. Michigan

Hi Chuck, I forgot to tell you that I received your pot a couple of days ago and it looks amazing. You make THE BEST crescents hands down of any potter in North America or Europe for that matter. It's got that earthy, amber, burnished look that compliments conifers perfectly.

 Thanks, David B. Canada

Another beautiful pot Chuck, love the colour, texture and that earthy clay smell just can't be beat at this time of the year, how I look forward to being able to smell the earth again after all this white stuff and ice has gone!! I really enjoy looking at all the new pots you are cooking up, wonderfully diverse!

 P.S. Kudos to the pot wrapper, what a fantastic job!

Sue, Ontario Canada

Hey, Chuck.
Received my pot today and it's gorgeous.
Can't wait for Spring to get my Fukien Tea in there.
I'll be ordering a piece from you again soon...possibly a custom one.
Thanks for the quality work, speedy service and great price!
Worth every penny.
Be well.
Eric, New Jersey

My pot arrived today, that was super fast shipping by FedEx! What a great packing job too. Your pot is exquisite, beautiful work, I just love the look of the broken glaze, it looks so earthy and bark like, I can't wait to repot the spruce into it in the spring! Thank you so very much.

Sue, Canada

Got the new pots and I am incredibly happy once again, your work is superb!  I am going to use that maroon one on one of my boxwoods, I held it up to it and it is going to look fantastic.

Ronnie, Illinois

I just unwrapped my two new pots from you. I just wanted to tell you they are absolutely wonderful. I have been doing bonsai for 30 years and have purchased pots from all around the world. The creativity and quality of your pots are superb.
Thanks Michael, Alabama

My order came yesterday.  Can't wait till potting season.  Your pictures dont do your pots justice. Thanks

Rafael, Ontario, Canada 

I received my order today.  Awesome pots, chuck!  Really appreciate your recommendation.  The tan pot is perfect for the Honeysuckle.  You sure do a good job packing too.  not a scratch.  I'll be back to see you soon.

Cindy, Oregon

Let me know when your throwing pots again...I have another pot for you to make. Exact same style as the last one...but a smaller size. BEAUTIFUL POT CHUCK.....ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!!

Frank, Michigan

I received my order this morning.  I am very anxious to get these planted.  I appreciate the quick ship to Canada.  Love them!

Lucy, Ottowa

Your work is spectacular!  Thanks!

Sarah, Arizona

Received my pots and am placing another order.  Very happy with these!

Rafael, Hawaii

I just got my pot. It is even better than the picture portrayed! I also appreciate the security in your packaging. Very well done in both aspects! Thanks

John, Ohio

Hi Chuck, A quick thank you for the pots, arrived safely today. They are more beautiful than the pictures, very happy.
Looking forward to my next order. Thanks

John, Australia

Mr Iker, I appreciate the fast shipment on my order.  These pots are even nicer than the pictures.  Can't wait to get some repotting done.  Thanks again.

Baojia, California

Chuck, I saw the write up on you in Bonsai Clubs International magazine.  Very nice. Just wanted to say how much I liked the order I received this week.  Spectacular as usual.  Sure do like that new glaze.  Hope you use that again.  

Terry, Texas 

Chuck,  The pots arrived safe and sound this afternoon.  I am very pleased with them.  Excellent craftsmanship and excellent packing.  FedEx could have dropped them from the plane.

Best always,
Kirk, Georgia

Chuck, I saw your article in Bonsai Clubs International magazine.  I have to say that I am very please with the pots I ordered.  Nice finish, excellent craftsmanship.  Will be back.  Thanks!

Tom, Utah

Mr. Iker, I received my pot I ordered off you two days ago and it came well secured in the box and was beautiful. I was impressed with the fast manner you replied to my email sent late that evening, the next morning !  Your photo at your site was perfect and the pot is wonderful, I love the finish and the quality of your work. I will deal solely with you for any future needs I have in Bonsai pottery.

Ed, Ohio

I am so excited about receiving the pots today that I had to show you how you saved a tree. Also, I LOVE the mame pot!!!! I can't wait until my next sprout is ready to transplant into it. It was so awesome I had to get the 6" pot of similar shape and another 6" green pot. I love how the green glaze complements the green needles. I have attached a before and after picture of the repotted tree.......... 

Karen, Arizona


The pot arrived today, and it is absolutely exquisite. Beautiful finish.

Jeff, Florida

Hello Chuck, I got my 2 pots in the mail. Can I just say that I'm more than impressed with their craftsmanship in person! Wow!

Darci, California

I just want to tell you that I receive the package today, and thank you for sending it to me so quickly. The two pots are beautiful, I will enjoy them a lot. You do some incredible work.
Thank you again.

Philippe, Alabama

The pots are just beautiful! Thanks!

Maria, New York

Thank you for the fast delivery.  Great Pots as always! 

Michael, Indiana

Got em, love em, Thanks!

Alicia, Virginia

The pots arrived yesterday.  I really like them all.  If you're ever in Colorado I'd love to have you do a talk for my classes. 

Alejandro, Colorado

Hi, Chuck, Pots came in yesterday.  Beautiful work, as always.

Thanks again and best regards,

Zach,  Alabama

The pots arrived quickly and in perfect shape, as always.  Thanks again

Thomas, California

 Chuck, Thanks for the great job you did packing these pots. I was very please with all of them.  I particularly liked the 2 unglazed mames.  I can't wait to get them potted.  Your style is unique.  Your pots are elegant without overpower the composition.  Very nice!

Barb, Arizona

I showed your pots off at our club meeting last night.  Send me some cards.  I think you're going to be getting a few orders.  Love them!
Bob, California

Thank you Chuck.  I received the pots yesterday and they are absolutely gorgeous. Best,

Grace, Pennsylvania

Well Chuck, Just picked up the pots from the post office today and they are absolutely beautiful. Thanks for your flawless packing job and for the artistry applied to all four pots. They will make unique homes for my little trees. Thanks again!

David, Canada

Love the pots – got them this morning. I’m always impressed withyour packing as well. Didn’t realise both the small pots were the samecolour – obviously I do like it lol.

 Tony, Australia

So happy with the pots, Thanks!!
Marcia, Kentucky

Pots arrived this morning.  I was so happy when I opened the box. Looking forward to getting them planted. Thanks!
Linda, New York

The pots arrived today all in good shape. This is the second shipment
from you that sailed through without any customs issues. Thanks for your good work and packing.

E. C., Canada

Thanks, Chuck, the pots are really lovely and I appreciate all the care you took in packaging them up for the trip. Your work is amazing. I look forward to potting up some of my special trees in them.

J.B., Canada

Hi Chuck,
I just received my second order and couldn't be happier. The pots arrived in great shape. Your finishes are truly a work of outstanding art.
Thanks so much

A.B., Canada

Hello Chuck,
Your pots arrived today,all save and sound.The colours and details are fantastic.Can not wait to use them. Hope to do business with you again,will keep an eye on your site.

J.N., Australia

Thank you Chuck, I just received the pot. Another awesome piece of pottery. I will send pictures when the pine is planted in spring.

M.M. Indiana

Love the pots!

F.W. Washington

Hello Chuck, I just received the pottery and I am stunned by the quality and the art. Those are awesome bonsai pots. I appreciate the fast delivery. Thank you,

M.M., Indiana 

These pots look good without the trees in them.  My wife absconded with the blue cascade for her window garden.  I guess I'll need to buy a replacement.  Thanks Chuck, I'm glad I found your site.

T.R. Georgia

Great job on the packaging and I really love them!  Thanks!!

B.W, Utah

My pots came yesterday.  I was really impressed with them all.  I will be buying more come spring.  Thank you!

U.A. Canada

Mr Iker,

My first order was for a friend’s birthday.  She was very happy by the way.  This order was for me.  While I’m not sure my plants quite qualify as Bonsai, they sure make me happy sitting on the window sill.  I may have to expand out on to the fire walk.  Love your work.

K.S. New York



……………… Opened the beautifully wrapped box.  You are VERY good.  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the small textured pot 3703.  God knows what I'm going to put in it but I LOVE it.  I am not a lover of high glaze finishes and that's the truth.  Having said that, the others are beautiful and while the high glaze does bother me [as I knew it would when I ordered them] the pots will suit the trees in mind admirably.  You have done a superb job.  I'm very very pleased……..


Chuck, thanks again for your wonderful artistic abilities, your excellent customer relations and your supreme packing skills.  It remains a pleasure dealing with you.


L.W., Australia

Attached is a picture of the Black Pine I ordered your pot for.  Perfect.  I could not be happier.  Thanks for all your help!

W.A. Atlanta

Thanks Chuck - got everything today. I have no words for pot 3763. Just gorgeous.... perfect. I collect a lot of eastern white cedars, and I think the finish is perfect for them. Don't be surprised if I start begging you to make me custom pots with this finish!

Best, A.K., Canada

I received my pots yesterday. Just wanted to let you know they arrived in perfect condition and how much I like all of them. I'm looking forward to getting them potted. I can see just how much time and effort you put into every pot you make. I'm very impressed. You'll be hearing from me again!

A.M. California

Thought I'd send you some pictures of the last pots I got from you. The pot I put the black pine in is perfect. How often do you put new pots on your website?

R.N., Vermont

The crescent is awesome! I'm amazed it made it though in one piece. Nice pack job.

L.W., Texas

I can see now this is going to be trouble. I'm going to have to repot a lot of trees after getting these pots. I'd better have you send my next order to my work. My husband is not going to like this. Thanks, Chuck!

B.Q. Arkansas

Thanks Chuck, perfect pots again.

W.R., Michigan

Hey Chuck, the pots arrived in in great condition. Good work as always. Thanks!
Bob C., Oregon

Mr Iker, I recieved my package today. I was delighted to open it and see the wonderful pots you made. The workmanship is excellent.
Randy B., Mississippi

Hi Chuck, Got my pots today – very happy ! I think they must be the best finished pots I have ever bought – you have a very good eye for attention to detail. Will be back another time and have told a mate about you and will send him some photos.Thanks for a great job and very good packing as well.
Kathy E., Arizona

Pots were on the porch. Excellent, as always. Thanks, Chuck
Zoe C., Texas

I got two big boxes this afternoon. I didn't realize how big they were going to be. These are exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for being patient with me on this. The color and finish is just what you promised. My client will be very happy. Hope to work with you again soon.
W.J. Georgia
Lovely, stunning really, and even more than I could have hoped for. When it comes to bonsai planters this vendor really knows his stuff. If you buy a pot from him you should know that it's going to be the real thing. Impeccable products with fast and safe delivery. In all ways an excellent shopping experience on Etsy. Thank you
R. B. New Mexico

Thank you so much! My husband loved it for Valentine's Day. Will look beautiful with his Chinese Wisteria in it. Great packaging, fast shipping! Would by from again!
S.H. Connecticut

I couldn't have been more pleased. I look forward to getting it potted. Thanks, Chuck
B.C. Ontario

Now I'm going to have to replace all my pots! This one makes my cheap imported pots look cheap and imported. I'll be back!
Z.D. South Dakota

Awesome Chuck. Thanks 
F.J. Alabama

The pots arrived today. Even nicer than I expected. I'm so looking forward to the weather breaking so I can get busy repotting. You will be hearing from me again, soon. Thanks Chuck 
B.H. Michigan

LOVE the pots!, hope you're not offended me using a few of them for non-bonsai planting in the greenhouse. I just couldn't resist. 
A.W. South Dakota

Chuck-great purchase, thanks as its a beautiful pot. I will be back. 
C.H., Virginia

Received the pots today, Awesome! Great packaging, great pots! 
B.S. Georgia

Chuck, I just wanted to thank you for all of the lovely pots you helped me get together on such short notice. They look wonderful in the restaurant and really finish off the decor. We're looking forward to this week's opening and you have a standing invitation for a free dinner. Again, thanks, your work is simply beautiful. 
A.D. Utah

The pot just arrived and it is outstanding. Your packing technique is phenomenal. I can hardly wait to get the pine planted in it. It is so cold here now that we should be able to start re-potting in a couple of weeks………………. Thanks again for a wonderful transaction. I'll be ordering more things in the near future. Wish you were close enough to do a program for our club....I'll bet it would be fascinating. 
K.K. Florida

Another very handsome planter from a very talented potter! This makes my third purchase from Chuck and his work does not disappoint. Exemplary workmanship; even the bottom of the pot is beautifully finished! Fast shipping, wrapped in layers of bubble-wrap and sent in a box filled to capacity with peanuts. Highly recommend this shop and seller! Thank you! 
B.P., Arizona

Hi Chuck, Received the pots today in great condition. Very nice! Especially the large grey round one with cracks in the finish. It is very impressive. Could you let me know how that was done? I expect I will hear that question a lot once I put a tree into that pot. 
H.S. Wisconsin

Hello, I received the three pots today. They are all exquisitely beautiful. Thank you. 
J.Q. California

Mr Iker, The pots arrived in perfect condition. Excellent packaging job. I am anxious to re-pot. Do you have any other pots like the shallow matte green pot I purchased? I have another crabapple that would look perfect in it but I need one a little larger, may another 2 inches in diameter. Thanks again!
B.M., Washington

Dear sir, Very pleased with the yellow round pot #2440 I received yesterday ; particularly delighted with the bonus little round pot you added to my order, a very decent gesture of yours !
G.D.,Fort de France, Martinique

HI Chuck, I've just picked up the pot from the post office, it's in perfect condition. It really is a beautiful and unique piece, I love the texture, the color, the shape... and of very high quality! I've become a fan of your work. :) Thanks a lot! Kind regards,
P. A. Portugal

I received my 2 beautiful pots! I was so excited I potted one up immediately. I cannot stop staring at them. Your work is exquisite and I will order again. Best regards
D.D. South Carolina

My pots arrived in good condition. Now I see how you manage to ship pottery. Sure do like this matte blue glaze, any chance you'll be doing any more like that soon? I'd like one for a friend for Christmas. 
A.Q. Nova Scotia

My Order arrived this morning. I just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with my purchase. Your attention to detail is obvious and I look forward to getting these trees repotted so that I can order some more. I also appreciate the quick shipping and good packaging. 
L.H. Arizona

................I recently purchased two pots from you and was wondering if you'd be willing to share how in the heck you trim the bottoms of your pots so cleanly. I've been taking pottery classes for several years and have always just wired the the pot off the bat and cleaned it up with a rib. I know how to use trimming tools but how do you hold the pot for that amount of clay removal and how do you keep them from cracking? Not sure if you're willing to share but it's driving me crazy! By the way, your pots are just lovely.............. 
A.W. California

Hello Chuck, A word to let you know that the bonsai pots have arrived safely. Thanks so much. Love them! shall be ordering some more. Best,
G.J. Alabama

I received my pots today and was very pleased with the quality of your work. I will be back!
A.G. Hawaii

Hi Chuck, The pot you sent was just the right size, color, and design. I like the way you extended the colorful glaze inside the pot giving it a finished look. The slender design is beautiful as well as functional since it is much easier to hold the pot. I am glad I got this one. Thanks.
G.G. Connecticut

My order arrived this morning and I’m anxious to get my plants repotted. I’ve already had two guests ask me where I got them. I really appreciate how quickly you got them to me. 
E.M. Puerto Rico

Hi Chuck, the boxes arrived today the pots are wonderful. Thanks again
S.S. Hawaii

Found my pots on the porch this afternoon, really nice. I can't wait to get my trees replanted. I'll send some pictures when I get them done. 
B.A. Colorado

Hello Chuck, A word to let you know that the bonsai pots have arrived safely. Thanks so much. Love them! shall be ordering some more. Best,
G.M. New York

Great pots, as always. Thanks Chuck.
R.M. Maine

I received my order yesterday and I just wanted to let you know that I am really happy with my purchase. The slate blue pots are just magnificent. The finish has color but it is soft and matte. They will go excellent with the crabapples I am going to put in them. Thanks again!
L.H. Kansas

I received the pots to day and they are horrible, they will become an addiction! Seriously they are as beautiful as I expected and you can be sure you will see more business from me.Thanks,
B.E. New York

I received my pots this morning. I really appreciate you getting them in time for my show. They are going to be just perfect.
B.M. Toronto

Just wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know I got the pots on Friday! Thank you so much! They are all beautiful!!!!
J.K., Illinois

Received the pots today. Love them! Thanks!
B.M. Maine

Hi, Chuck....WOW!!!!! the pots arrived today and they are beautiful!!! Would you happen to have a larger size of the coppery yellow pot? I would like a cascade style but don't remember seeing one in that section. Even just a larger size would be fine.....Thanks!!!
D.M. Pennsylvania

Hi Chuck, I took a few of the pots I bought from you in January to our club meeting last night. Everyone was very interested in getting your contact information. I replanted a Black Pine in the raw clay pot I bought and it drew a lot of attention. Thanks! 
A.C. New York

I got my order Monday and have repotted the azalea I told you about. I'll attach a picture. I'm very happy with how it turned out and all of the pots I bought. You'll be hearing from me again soon.
B.B. Ohio

Hi Chuck, I received the pots today and they are beatiful, we are very pleased. I will tell my friends at our next repot workshop.Thank you,
J.R., Wisconsin

I received my order today and am very pleased. I may need another like this cream colored pot. Do you have one in around a 8" diameter or could you make me one? Very Nice Pots.
B.R., Georgia

Hi Chuck, Just wanted to let you know how much my brother loves your pots! He's an avid bonsai's a beloved hobby for him. His wife got him a couple for Xmas,also. We found your site googling "mame pots". Keep up the beautiful work......Sincerely, 
K.H., Pennsylvania

I got my pots Wednesday. Great as usual. As soon as I get these potted up I'll send you some pictures. The raw clay pot will work perfectly with the Black Pine I sent you a picture of.
Thanks! L.L. Oregon

Hi Chuck, pots arrived today. Beautiful work! Thank you again.
D.K. Hawaii

I have a very large collection of Bonsai and pots. Your work ranks among the best thrown work I have seen. I appreciate the quick shipping and will be back for more this spring. Thanks again, Chuck. 
L. R., Georgia

Hi Chuck. I got the pot yesterday in fine shape. Very nice pot. I'm planning to put a 32 years old, semi-cascading schefflera in it next spring. I'll send you a picture when it's done.
K.G. Minnesota

I got the pot's today and as always they are wonderful. I love the cascading pot with the great multi colored glazes running down the sides. That's what I like about your pieces. You like to try different things, Texture and different colors that blend and create other colors.......
D.H. Ohio

I received my pots Wednesday. Awesome. They arrived in perfect shape. Nice packing! Can’t wait to get some trees repotted. 
D.G. Arizona

Received the order in two days, my husband loved the pots. Thanks for all the help!
B.B. Michigan

Many Thanks for your two beautiful pots - quite exceeded my expectations! I very much appreciate both your excellent work and amazing amount of effort you put into making this all happen so quickly. I shall be showing my bonsai friends your great work.
A.S., California

I just got my beautiful pots ……. Thank you very much. I'm always thrilled and pleased with your workmanship. Your very satisfied customer always!!!!
J.A., Virginia

Shipment arrived today with no issues. Super job of packing! ….The pots are beautiful. I especially like the 2413 pot. The pictures on your website are great but in person the colors and character are spectacular. I don’t know if I have a tree that will do this pot justice?
H.P., South Carolina

M.B. , Ohio

Got the pots today, great as usual!
D.H., Ohio

I received my pot 2373 today and it’s even nicer in person than on the web.
R.H. New Mexico

Just got my pots and had to tell you, I love them! The pictures on your WEB site do NOT do your work justice. I have a special request I will be contacting you about soon. 
B.H. Arizona

As the son of a potter and a budding bonsai artist I can appreciate the amount of skill and work that your pots reflect! I hope to be the proud owner of your work someday. Cheers
C.S. California

Got my pots yesterday, I love them all but the custom pot will work perfectly with my Maple. Thanks! I’ll send you a picture when I get it potted. 
B.S. Connecticut

Very nice Chuck! There are a couple here I hope you have more of in the spring.
R.J. Oklahoma

I'll be looking forward to more cascade pots from you in the future. I love COLORS especially red (pot size 4-5 inch wide and height 4 1/2-6inch) . Your pots always stands out from the rest!!. Thanks again!
J.A., Virginia

Nice Pots !
D.S., New York

E.C. Oregon

Pots worth time and expense to ship. Works good with Pine Literati. Maybe try Federal Express next time. Thank you much Iker San. 
Y.N. Japan

Your new website is just wonderful, Chuck! The pots are beauties as usual. I look forward to my plants coming out of their current dormancy so that I can grace some with new Iker pots.
S.M. Ohio

Just got my pot. Good one!!! I love the'll be a winner! Stay muddy!!
P.K. California

Your pottery is designed well. I especially liked the grey matte finished round. Nice size variety also.
M.D. California

Chuck, I was very impressed with my order. Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know. Thanks! You’ll be hearing from me again soon, I’m anxious to try one of your rustic pots.
Z.S. Utah

These pots are so much nicer than the picture and I purchased them from the picture. Nice work! Thanks very much. Nice job of packaging too. 
A.L. Mississippi

Received my pots and had to drop you a note. I am so impressed with the attention to detail on your work. The bottoms are so nicely trimmed and consistent. I have taken a few pottery classes hoping to make some pots and I fully appreciate the level of your expertise. Ever consider doing a seminar?
T.N. Delaware

Much nicer than the pictures!
B.M. Colorado

The pots was perfect for this trident, Thanks, Chuck. I’ll get some pictures off to you as soon as I get them taken. 
C.M. Florida

Thanks Chuck, Love both of them.
D.F., California

My pots arrived this morning. I couldn't wait to get them potted. I've attached a few pictures. The pot with the maple is simply perfect. Thank you!
K.R., Alabama

G'day Chuck, today i received the pot you sent me :),
Damn good workmanship Chuck, I think it'll suit my Elm perfectly.....I will send a pic once repotted, which will be another month or 2.
Thank you Chuck for great service and prompt delivery. Talk again soon.  Regards 
C. M., Australia

Love the pots!! I particularly appreciate the finish on the Roasted Cashew piece. Very unique.
V.B., Florida

Great packaging and excellent craftsmanship. I will be buying more pots. Can you put me on an update when you add more pieces? 
J.T., Maine

The pots arrived yesterday. Very nice. Thank you. 
P.J. Delaware

I've been taking pottery classes for a while now and I truly appreciate the work that you put into your pots. Simply elegant. Interested in giving lessons? 
U.H. Indiana

The pots are just great, Chuck. Thanks!
E.O. Texas

The pots I ordered were for a very close friend. I could see how happy she was by the smile on here face. Thanks for your help and patience. 
R.L. California

I see a few more that I have to have. Really nice pots! Thanks!
G.W. Washington

I really appreciate you getting these to me so quickly. I am very pleased with the pots. I'll be visiting often.
B.R, Indiana