Privacy Policy, Iker Bonsai Pots

‚ÄčI live in the same world as you, and don't like it either when subscribe to a magazine for "free" and all of a sudden your junk mail for "related offers" rolls in ten fold. It's also about the worst thing in the world when you sign up for a "contest" or other event, and supply a phone number...only to be added to every crazy call center's list to be pummeled and bothered for the rest of your days.

You can rest assured that I will never, ever share your information on any "spam" level with anybody.

  • Your address is used to verify your payment method, and used for shipment info
  • Your phone number is used to verify payment method, and for us to contact you in case of a problem
  • Your email address is used to confirm your order status and provide tracking information

We do not stalk you on the phone because you placed an order, no sales calls or solicitations ever.

By joining our mailing list via the home page or during checkout, you agree to receive an occasional plain text email that new pots have been added to the site from us and us alone.

I  couldn't rest easy any other way.

If you still have questions, feel free to contact me concerning privacy or other issues.

Chuck Iker

Iker Bonsai Pots