Wisco Bonsai

Wisco Bonsai, owned by Kevin Stoeveken, is Wisconsin's only physical Bonsai shop with the area's largest selection of locally and regionally made Bonsai Ceramics. Kevin has a great selection of pots.  Wisco Gold is their flagship substrate mix, consisting of only North American sourced components.  Kevin runs classes, workshops and instruction is also available. His instagram account is:  @wiscobonsai 
His studio is open by appointment and the information for that is on his website. 
Rocky Mountain Bonsai 

This site is owned by Mike Horine of Colorado.  Mike is a long time customer of mine and is a dedicated and knowledgeable Bonsai enthusiast.  Mike has been kind enough to keep me current on a lot of the pots he purchases with pictures.  Mike is one of those natural stylists.  He has a wonderful eye for composition.  He recently sent me a link to his new website.  I was blown away with the content he has managed to put together.  This is a site I highly recommend and I can assure that it will only continue to grow.

 Bonsai Ceramics

An excellent resource for American Bonsai Potters, well designed site, great information. 

"The website is intended to be a resource to the bonsai community by featuring American bonsai potters and their work.  My sincere hope is that you will find this website useful in learning more about the talented ceramicists here in the United States – from hobbyists to seasoned professionals.  Take a look around and enjoy the many pots on display."


Bonsai Empire

Bonsai Empire is one of my favorite sites to surf for information, ideas and inspiration.  It is a well laid out site with tons of content. Also check out their new movie about Ficus Bonsai at  

 The Art Of Bonsai, Jerry Meislik

Jerry has an excellent site that is well organized and offers a lot of great Bonsai information.  I suggest you take a look. 

Indianapolis Bonsai Club

Great Club with a great Web site.  Very good general bonsai information. The site is updated frequently with club news and activity. 

Jay Kolaya Custom Woodworking and Bonsai  

Jay has a nice blog about bonsai and his collection with lots of pictures. Jay also makes some very impressive handmade Bonsai Stands.  

  Brandywine Bonsai Society 

Brandywine Bonsai Society has a very nice site with a lot of good Bonsai information and photos.  They have a library of past club newsletters that I have found some good information in.   Steven Ittel has also put together a nice listing of North American Potters.  I am fortunate to be included on that list.


Four Seasons Bonsai Club of Michigan


Gregory Beach Bonsai

Gregory Beach Bonsai offers quality imported and domestic specimen trees, bonsai, pre-bonsai, bonsai pots and supplies.

Conejo Valley Bonsai Society

I have found some very well written and useful information at this site.

  Bonsai South - Zach Smith

Zach has an excellent web site and nursery in Louisiana.  I highly recommend you visit.  He has a lot of good information and Zach has quite a history and resume in Bonsai.   I can't pass up the opportunity to show a picture of one of Zach's trees in a custom pot I made for him.