Customer Bonsai in Iker Pots

Posted by Chuck Iker, Iker Bonsai Pots on 30th Apr 2024

Customer Bonsai in Iker Pots

I always enjoy getting pictures of customer trees in my pots (or anyone else's for that matter). I post the latest 20 or so here, with permission of the submitter. 

I received these pictures from a long time customer, Evan Pardue, of his wonderful entry at the Bonsai in Bayou 2024.  Evan is the Nursery Manager at Underhill Bonsai in Folsom, Louisiana. He won best accent with his Kusamono which was in one of my pots. The tree and accent are both very nice.  

Chris Darkes has been a long time customer of mine.  He is also a fellow buckeye. Last year he asked me to make a custom pot for the tree in the pictures below. Really nice tree, Chris!

Jerry Meislik, sent me this picture of his Fortunella hindsii in one of my pots. I believe the common name for this tree is Hong Kong kumquat. What a wonderful and unique tree. I was very excited to see it in one of my pots. Jerry is familiar to anyone who has spent even a little time around Bonsai. He is a teacher, lecturer and author in the art of Bonsai. His latest book, The World of Ficus Bonsai, is an invaluable resource for anyone interest in tropical bonsai. Jerry has a great website that is packed with information about Bonsai cultivation and care. His website also links to his blog which Jerry keeps up to date and is also packed with great bonsai reading.

Jerry informed me this week that this tree and pot was has been accepted to the National Bonsai and Penjing Museum in Washington DC. Wow, very exciting for Jerry and I truly appreciate him letting me know.  Thanks for the pot choice, Jerry!

Mike Horine, Rocky Mountain Bonsai, sent me this picture of his Mountain Mahogany in one of my pots.  NICE tree, Thanks Mike!

The following two photos are from Robert M., Laguna Beach, CA.  These are both Bougainvillea in Iker Pots.  Lovely. Thanks Robert!

The following photos are from Mike Horine, Colorado. They are some of Mike’s wonderful trees and accents in some of my pots.

Photo credit: Mike Green

1st PhotoNew Mexico privet, needle juniper accent tree.

2nd photo New Mexico Privet, Hosta accent.

3rd Photo Gray Oak, Viola accent, Erodium accent tree(red pot)

4th Photo Mountain Mahogany, chocolate chip bugleweed/Viola Sweetheart accent plant

Nice Tree from Robb in Mississippi in a cracked finish pot.

These two photos are from Zach Smith, Bonsai South.  I highly encourage you to visit his Website.  He has a lot of nice bonsai and pre bonsai for sale and a ton of great information.  Zach's website is

The next two photos are from Ed Trout.  Ed requires little introduction.  He has an excellent website as well.  All you have to do is google Ed and you will find a wealth of images and articles. 

The next 4 photos are from Bruce Winter in Hawaii.  Bruce has not only a love for Satsuki Azaleas but a genuine talent as well.  

The next two photos are from Aaron Khalid, Lakeshore Bonsai.  The first is of a larch forest planting.  Very pleased to have his trees in my work. Aaron's website is:

I receive this photo from Don Casselman, California of his beautiful Kingsville Boxwood. 

Susan Bennett of Ontario sent me this picture of a toad tucked into her bonsai.  It's a Where's Waldo picture.  Awesome!

This next group of pictures are from Michael Mehrmann.  Michael has such a flair for accent plants and he puts my pots to good use in his compositions.  Love these. 

This next group of Bonsai are from Mitch Boatman, Cedar Bog Bonsai.  Mitch is an Ohio guy and is pretty active on both Facebook and Instagram.  Mitch's blog is

The next group of pictures are from Mike Horine, Colorado.  Mike has been a long time customer and has a LOT of information and pictures on his website at:

This next group is from Mike as well.  The pictures were from the 20126 Rocy Mountain Bonsai Show

Dave Bartucci from Canada sen me this picture of his Japanese Black Pine. Nice.

This next picture came from Barry Eisenberg.  Nice tree Barry. 

The following Beech is from Judy B., Ohio.  Thanks Judy!

Nice Fukien from a great customer, Frank A., Wilminton, DE

Great example of wiring on this nice Fukien from Dan Crossley, Tennessee.  Thanks, Dan. 

Crescent Moon pot with a really nice tree from Chris Darkes, Ohio.  Chris is constantly adding new trees to his collection and has been a good customer for a while.  Thanks, Chris!